Show Calendar

July 26 & August 15
7:00 pm
Classes Open To Horse, Mule, Or Pony Unless Specified. No Stallions Allowed On Grounds Entry Fee: $12.00
Ride All Night
Admission: $2.00
6 & Under Free
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  1 Halter
A.  Ponies
B.  Mares
C.  Geldings
D.  Gaited
E.  Mules
  2 Showmanship at Halter
  3 Lead-line riders 7 yrs & under
4 Pee Wee Walk - Trot riders 12 yrs & under
(rider not eligible for Classes 9 & 15)
  5 Walk - Trot riders 13 yrs & over
(rider not eligible for Classes 9, 15 & 16)
  6 Pee Wee Egg and Spoon riders 12 yrs & under
  7 Youth Egg and Spoon riders 13 15 yrs
  8 Adult Egg and Spoon riders 16 yrs & over
  9 Open Hunter Under Saddle all ages
  10 Youth Country Pleasure riders 15 yrs & under
  11 Adult Country Pleasure riders 16 yrs & over
  12 Pee Wee Pole Bending riders 12 yrs & under
  13 Youth Pole Bending riders 13 15 yrs
  14 Adult Pole Bending riders 16 yrs & over
  15 Youth Western Pleasure riders 15 yrs & under
  16 Adult Western Pleasure riders 16 yrs & over
  17 Pee Wee Barrels riders 12 yrs & under
  18 Youth Barrels riders 13 15 yrs
  19 Adult Barrels riders 16 yrs & over
  20 Flag Race - all ages
  21  Ribbon Race - all ages
Dressage Schooling Show
May 31 & June 28
Introduction to showing dressage
NBHA Speed show April 12th
Training barrels start at noon
​Show starts at 2 pm
​Rain date will be September 20th.
NBHA speed show, May 17th
Training barrels start at 9am
Show starts at noon.
Central 4-D speed show May 16th
Training barrels at 6 pm
Show at 7:30 PM
Central 4-D speed show August 16th
Time TBA

  For show information call: 636-583-4808 or email contact@unionsaddleclub.com
Visit our website at www.unionsaddleclub.com Follow us on Facebook at Union Saddle Club, Union, Missouri
  Safety Helmets preferred in all speed classes  
  Cook Shack on Grounds  
  Negative Coggins Required  
  All Non-Equestrian animals required to be on leash.  
  Club meetings are held on grounds every 4th Sunday of the Month at 7:00pm, come join us!  
  Union Saddle Club, Inc. or anyone associated or connected with this show will not be held responsible for accidents to/or caused by you, your horse(s), or rider(s).