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   Sunday March 16
Exb:10am Show: 11am
Kramer's Arena,  Sullivan, MO $100 Added  

  Sunday April 13
Exb: 10am - Show: 11am
Cain Ranch,  Bonne Terre, MO $100 Added  
  Sunday April 27
Exb: 10am - Show: 11am
Kramer's Arena, Sullivan, MO $100 Added  
  ***Saturday May 3rd
Exb: 5pm - Show: 7pm
Hawk Point Arena, Hawk Point, MO $100 Added  
  Friday May 16th
Exb: 6:30pm - Show: 8pm
Union Saddle Club, Union, MO $100 Added  
  Friday June 6th
Exb: 6:30pm - Show 8pm
St. Clair Saddle Club,  St. Clair, MO $100 Added  
   Saturday June 14th
Exb: 6pm - Show: 7:30pm
Rolla Saddle Club Rolla, MO (PENDING) $100 Added  
Friday June 20th
Exb: 6:30p - Show: 8pm
Potosi Saddle Club, Potosi, MO $100 Added
Saturday June 28th
Exb: 6pm - Show: 7:30pm
St. Clair Saddle Club, St. Clair, MO $100 Added
   Friday July 18th (Pending)  TBA
(Rain Date)
Friday July 25  Jefferson County Fairgrounds
Hillsboro, MO
$1000.00 Added
  ***Thursday July 31st
Exb:6pm - Show:8pm
St. Francois County Fairgrounds
Farmington, MO
$1,000 Added  
  Saturday August 16th
Exb: 6pm - Show: 7:30pm
Union Saddle Club,  Union, MO $100 Added  
  Saturday September 6th
Exb: 6pm - Show: 7:30pm
  ***Sunday October 12th
Exb: 10 am - Show: 11am
Cain Ranch Bonne Terre, MO $100 Added  
***Oct. 24, 25, 26
(Open to all)
MOC4D Finals
Boone County Fairgrounds
Cloumbia, MO
Min. added
$250/ea day

      All arenas denoted *** Are BBR, Bonus Race Qualifier Pending.
The May 3rd show and October 12th will have the Double point /Double attendance option.
  $2.00 Admission

Please Call  314-723-2263 or 314-650-6664