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Mission statement: To provide for Missouri horse show competitors and spectators, an easily accessible, single-site, interactive, comprehensive, archive of information relevant to the pursuit, enjoyment, and development of horse shows in the state of Missouri.

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Places to go & things to do on mohorseshows.com
Show Calendar Use the calendar to look for events & view/print associated showbills
Arena Page
This page is a comprehensive index of horse show venues with links to interactive Bing maps, saddle club web pages and show bill info for the organizations using each arena.
View/Print Showbills
This is the most direct route to a show bill if you know what organization you are seeking. The list is alphabetical and clicking on the desired name will take you to the mohorseshows page for that event. You will be able to print a pdf of the document if you wish.
See details about Clubs
Missouri has saddle clubs in every region of the state. The Club link will lead you to some information about the goals and purposes of each. Some clubs have their own arenas and in those cases, we've tried to provide a map.
See Special Event
& print details
These events fall a little outside the typical horse show. Many times it will be a special, one time show, such as one dedicated to a charity. In other cases, it may be a tack swap, Coggins clinic, a seminar etc. There will always be a printable flyer describing the event in detail.
Find Show Judges
Every organization which produces a show needs a qualified Judge. This page offers a wide variety, with qualifications ranging from fun show expertise, to accreditation from the major breed registries.
Find a Farrier
This page lists farriers from all regions of the state, their certifications, contact information, specialities and traveling radius.
Find a Trainer
Trainers of all types are listed here. Each describes his/her methodology, qualifications, areas of particular focus, web site, contact info.
Read a guide to Equine Events
This pdf is for the potential spectator, who is curious to know what to look for in watching the classes at a horse show. It can be printed if desired.
View list of equine organizations, venues, services and activities with links to local affiliates and national organizations.