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Dakota is a 9yr old buckskin mare. She is registered and has Jet along with Doc Bar in her pedigree  
Gracie is a 2yr old sorrel mare also registered. She has Freckles Playboy and Smart Little Lena in her pedigree.  

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Dakota is fully broke and rides well with other horses. She does fine by herself for about an hour and then get ansy to head back to the herd. With a strong rider she will do just fine on her own for a long time, but a novice would be on their way for a fast ride back to the herd. When another horse is along for the ride, Dakota would stay out all day and not fuss a bit. She is about 15/4 in height and wide as can be. She comes with saddle, halter and reins.

Gracie is not broke to ride but has had a lot of ground work so far. She is not afraid of loud noises, walks between very tight poles, handles rakes scraping around her, doesnt fight the halter being put on and off, handles paper bags and rags on her face and around her halter. She has been in the round pen for work as well and does a good job.