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This organization is currently dormant. We have left the page active on the site as it has links to other pages which may be disrupted if we remove it. If you are interested in Buckskin horses, please check the page for the Missouri Buckskin Horse Association.
The Show Me Buckskin Association is is a charter of the International Buckskin Horse Association (IBHA). Shows are held in west and central Missouri, at the Boone County Fair Grounds, Columbia, and the Missouri State Fair Grounds at Sedalia.

SMBHA offers its members an opportunity to compete for both SMBHA and IBHA awards as well as awards in the Paint Alternative Competition (PAC). Nationally, SMBHA horses compete for Register of Merits, IBHA Championships and Honor Roll Titles. Statewide, SMBHA has an excellent awards program for both IBHA and Open horses. With an ever growing number of Buckskin, Dun, Red Dun, and Grulla horses horses being registered each year, the great program of shows and the enthusiasm of our Youth and Amateurs SMBHA/IBHA offers something for everyone!


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