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After our first year of monthly trail rides, we now have 10 official members and look forward to adding more.    This organization has disbanded. Thank you for your interest.

Who are we? We are women over 50*, all horse lovers, who trail ride, camp, show, drive, ride in festivals and parades. Women who currently ride - any breed, any discipline. Women who wish to ride, or love horses and want to join in even if they are not riding. Women who embody the Red Hat Ladies Society principles - who enjoy life to the fullest no matter where we are or what we do.

We will hold clinics to improve our horsemanship. Trail riding is just a start to allow our horses to get used to each other. *Women under 50 are invited and encouraged to join us and wear pink! The first group started in Indiana 6 years ago. As of now we have chapters in__ states and are now a National Red Hats and Purple Chaps organization.
If you think you would enjoy being a part of our group, contact/email Janelle equimulr2@yahoo.com ( put ‘RHPC’ in subject line.).   I will have our first 2010 meeting at St. Louis Bread, Festus on January 25th at 7pm. The next meeting will be February 22nd  at O’Charlies, Gravois Bluffs, at 7pm. Both months will be weather permitting.   Our first topic will be when to start our first trail ride for the Spring. We will have a drawing for a small door prize.   I hope to see you there!  Bring a friend!