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Missouri Foundation Quarter Horse Association


  The Missouri Foundation Quarter Horse Association is an affiliate of the Federation of Foundation Quarter Horses. It is the purpose of these organizations to celebrate and preserve the characteristics of the original Quarter Horse stock in America.

The basic principle of Federation of Foundation Quarter Horses will be to make our National Points database available to any current or new Foundation Quarter Horse Association, Charter or Organization.  We are also issuing COE's to be inclusive of those horses that are currently valuable assets to any job Quarter Horses can do, but are discriminated against because of misconceptions about health issues within specific bloodlines (I.e. Impressive HYPP).  We are registering any AQHA registered horse of any lineage who meets the 75% Foundation Quarter Horse blood standard, and includes Impressive horses that show their N/N status on their AQHA registration papers and all AQHA registered dilutes.  Currently, among the Foundation Quarter Horse registries available, there is a high percentage of true Foundation Quarter Horses that are ineligible because of this unscientific bias against tested bloodline and color that the AQHA has welcomed as valuable members of the Quarter Horse family.




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