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Not for Profit Senior Girls Mounted Ranch

2023 - 10:00 am
April 22 - May 20 - June 24 - Aug 26*(5pm) -  Sept 23 -  Oct 21
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  Open Practice in Big Arena starts at 9 a.m., closes at 9:45 a.m.      Must register prior to the start of the previous class
1 Registered Horse Halter (Stallions, Mare, Gelding) papers will be checked
2 Open Halter (Stallion, Mare, Gelding)
3 Gaited Halter (Stallion, Mare, Gelding)
4 Showmanship in Halter (Senior)
5 Showmanship in Halter (Junior)
6 Pee Wee Lead Line (6 & Under)
Cannot enter in classes 12, 16 & 18
7 Bareback Pleasure (Walk, Trot/Gait, Canter)
8 Academy walk trot equitation **
9 Academy walk trot horsemanship **
10 Pee Wee Walk
Cannot enter in classes 12, 16, & 18
11 Junior Walk Trot– Horse can not enter in classes requiring a canter
12 Senior Walk Trot—Horse cannot enter in classes requiring a canter
13 Open Fox Trot
14 Pee Wee Walk Trot
Cannot enter in classes 6, 16 & 18
15 Pee Wee Poles
16 Junior Poles
17 Senior Poles
18 Pee Wee/Junior Gaited Pleasure
Walk and favorite gait, light or heavy shod. No Pads
19 Senior Western Pleasure
20 Pee Wee/ Junior Western Pleasure
21 Mystery Class (No High Point)
22 Speed Jumps
23 Senior English Pleasure
Hunt or Saddle Seat– to be shown at walk/trot/canter
24 Junior English Pleasure
Hunt or Saddle Seat– to be shown at walk/trot/canter
25 English Equitation
Hunt or Saddle Seat—to be shown at walk/trot/canter
26 Open Ranch Horse Rail Walk Trot
27 Open Ranch Horse Rail Pleasure
28 Pee Wee Flag
29 Junior Flag
30  Senior Flag
31 Open Gaited Pleasure
All ages, any gaited breed, open tack/attire, shown as flat foot walk and favorite gait, no canter, No Pads
32 Open Lite Shod Country Pleasure
All ages, any gaited breed, open tack/attire
Shown as flat foot walk and favorite gait, no canter, no pads
33 Trail Class (Open to all Riders)
34 Pee Wee Barrels
35 Junior Barrels
36 Senior Barrels
37 Jackpot Barrels (No High Points)
38 Open Plug
Pee Wee Class ~~ 12 & Under
Junior Class ~~ 13 - 18
Senior Class ~~ 19 & over
All horses must be accompanied by proof of negative EIA by Coggins Test within 12 months “according to Missouri Law”   
 Gate Fee - $2/person

Registration- $8.00 for one class $15.00 for two or more

Exhibition- $3.00

**All training tack maybe used for riders who have shown less than two year. Riders may not cross enter in any other riding class (they may show in halter)


1. Riders 17 & under must wear helmets in all speed competitions.

2. Senior and Junior high point must be registered; points accumulate from all events except mystery and Jackpot Barrels beginning at the time of registration (one horse/ one rider combination).

3. Gaited Horses: No pads, open frog, plantation shoes 1 1/2” x 1/2” band allowed (lite shod or heavy shod).

4. No Stallions shall be shown by exhibitors under the age of 18 years, including Lead Line.

5. Judge’s decisions are final.

6. Proper tack and attire are required for all classes. Boots are required for all classes. A shirt or vest must be worn and have a yoke or collar, other attire at Judges discretion.

7. No entering/exiting the ring at a run from any class.

8. Must be ready at gate when class is called.

9. 5-minute tack changes must be requested one class prior to class.

10. Polebending:eachpole knockeddownwillbea2second penalty 2 second penalty for each pole knocked down and..

11. Barrelracing:abarrelknockeddown willbea5 second penalty for each barrel knocked over

12. Flagrace:anyknockeddownmarker ormissedflagisadisqualification.

13. No hitting in front of saddle.

14. Abuse of any animals will not be allowed on club grounds at any time.

All horses must be accompanied by proof of negative EIA by Coggins Test within 12 months according to Missouri Law.
We Check Coggins Test Papers

1. Hitting in front of the saddle – anytime in the ring.
2. Unnecessary roughness, hitting, or other abusive behavior to the horse will dismiss the rider from further competition – whether this occurs in the ring or outside the ring.
3. Competing in a class for which you have not registered and for which you do not have entry information and a number listed on the entry form.
4. Gaited horses: No action devices, chains of any kind.

1. Class fees will be refunded only for an injured horse or rider.

1. Please bring lawn chairs. Limited seating is available
2. Please stay in the designated area. Spectators are not allowed by the Main Gate.
WARNING!!! UNDER MISSOURI LAW, an equine professional is not liable for an injury to or death of a participant in equine activities resulting from the inherent risks of equine activities pursuant to the Revised Statutes of Missouri. God’s Green Acre Association, its officers and members, will not be responsible for any accidents or injuries or for property that is lost, stolen or damaged.
For more information or to check show cancellation, call God’s Green Acre: 636-944-3935,
Sara Gerth: 314-660-1074, saragerth@yahoo.com Or visit www.ggaa.org