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10:00 am
May 1 June 18 August 20 October 1
Mona Prater      
class list
  Entry Fees $5.00 per class ~  $50.00 cap per family. Negative Coggins Test is Required

Concessions available on ground

New rules an assisted rider cannot place above an unassisted rider

Cross entry from Western Pleasure to Ranch Horse Pleasure, is acceptable.

HIGH POINT awards:
To be in the running for hi point awards you must nominate your horse and rider combination with 15.00 per combination.

Hi Point and Reserve Hi Point awards will be given at the end of the show series. Awards will be given in 18 & Over, 13-17, 12 & Under, and Novice. Points will be accumulated on a one horse one rider combination. Points will begin being tracked when you nominate your horse and rider combination.

66 Wranglers is not responsible for accidents, escapes, or injuries.

For more information -  Jared Bell 573-289-6844 ~ John Yearns 660-342-4051 ~ Lacy Bushnell 660-292-2385