Show Calendar
Washington County
Saddle Club
10489 State Hwy. 185
Potosi, MO
2019 Fun Show
May 18th June 15th July 20th August 17th September 21st
 Rain Dates: Following Saturday
Registration begins 5 P.M.; Ends 7 P.M.
No class changes after 8 P.M.

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Special Events March 16th 12 Noon Coggins Test Clinic June 22nd Trail Ride/ Obstacle Course Competition $10.00 Per Horse
Gates Open - 3 PM Show Starts - 5 PM
June 24th  6 P.M.
Central 4D Barrel Races
$150 Added Trainers- 4 P.M
  1 Open Stock Halter
2 Open Gaited Halter
  3 Walk (12 & under)
  4 Leadline (8 & under)
  5 Pee Wee Walk/Trot (1-12)
  6 Youth Walk/Trot (13-17)
  7 Adult Walk/Trot (18 & up)
  8 Pee Wee Western Pleasure (1-12)
  9 Youth Western Pleasure (13-17)
  10 Adult Western Pleasure (18 & up)
  11 Open Gaited Pleasure
  12 Open Country Pleasure x
    Drag Arena
  13 Pee Wee Barrels (1-12)
  14 Youth Barrels (13-17)
  15 Adult Barrels (18 & up)
  16 Pee Wee Pole Bending (1-12)
  17 Youth Pole Bending (13-17)
  18 Adult Pole Bending (18 & up)
  19 Pee Wee Flag Race (1-12)
  20 Youth Flag Race (13-17)
  21 Adult Flag Race (18 & up)
  22 Pee Wee Plug Race (1-12)
  23 Youth Plug Race (13-17)
  24 Adult Plug Race (18 & up)

Adults $2 or 4 non-perishable food items.

All donations of food items go to Washington County Food Pantries.

Adults - 60 & Over = FREE
Children - 10 & Under= FREE

Entry Fee= $8 Single Class
$20 =Entire Show
All entries non-refundable

1st Place -- 5 Points
2nd Place - 4 Points
3rd Place 3 Points
4th Place 2 Points
5th Place 1 Point
Must show in at least 4 Shows to be eligible for a Belt Buckle
Cannot lead any horse in Open Classes. Must have Coggins Test papers upon request. Proper attire to be worn for each Class or you will not be judged. (Unless indicated by Judge) All entries MUST sign a waiver.

Age limits for Class determination will be as of Jan. 1, 2019

Information, call: Ralph Smith 573-438-4985 or 573-701-6556
Show bill is on our website facebook@Washington County Saddle Club

W.C.S.C. and/or affiliates will not be responsible for any lost or stolen property or any accidents.
1. Unruly horses will be asked to be contained.
2. All dogs must be leashed at all times or you will be asked to leave
3. Abusive or bad behavior will not be tolerated on any WCSC property at any time.
4. No alcoholic beverages/controlled substances will be allowed on any WCSC properties at any time.
5. NO RUNNING of horses anywhere but designated areas.
6. Well be (3) three competition groups: Pee Wee (1-12), Youth (13-17) & Adult (18 & up)
7. No contestant can compete out of their age group. (NO bumping up)
8. 5 second penalty for each barrel downed and 2 second penalty for each pole.
except Lead Line (8 & under class)
10. Each horse/rider combo has to pay for each class they enter in.
11. Each horse/rider combo receives points in each class they are entered in with paid entry.
 12. The horse has got to be named and on the belt buckle entrant sheet to be eligible for the awards/buckle at the end of the season
13. Each horse/rider combo on Belt Buckle Entrant Sheet MUST compete in at LEAST (4) four of the (5) five shows to be eligible for awards/buckle at the end of the season
14. Helmet is recommended but not required
15. Proper attire to be worn for EACH class or you will not be judged unless amended by the judge at that show.
16. Entry fee will be $8.00 per class, $20.00 for all classes
17. Belt Buckle Series competitors will have a one fee per year of $20.00 to be in the buckle series award/buckle at end of season
18. There will be no refund of entry monies or buckle series monies
19. JUDGES DECISION WILL BE FINAL (if any problems accrue you are to seek out the president or vice president and we will talk to the judge in a professional manner ONLY)
20. Registration closes at 7 PM