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Montgomery County Arena

61 Picnic Road, New Florence Mo.
 2019 Fun Shows - Sundays 12 pm

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May 19 June 9 August 18
August 25 September 8
September 22 Sept29 October 6
October 20 October 27
Costume Show
Rain dates November 2 & 3
Parents are permitted to be in the arena for all Pee wee classes to give directions to riders.
Parents are to stay in the middle of the arena only.)
  1 Pony/Horse, exhibitor of any age
(not a point class)
  2 Pee wee up to 8
  3 Horse,  rider 9  - 16
  4 Horse, rider 17 and up
  Western Pleasure
  5 Pee wee up to 8
  6 Horse, rider 9 - 16
  7 Horse, rider 17 and up
  Ranch Pleasure
  8 Pee wee up to 8
  9 Horse, rider 9 - 16
  10 Horse, rider 17 and up
  Ranch Riding Pattern
  11 Pee wee up to 8
  12 Horse, rider 9 - 16
  13 Horse, rider 17 and up
  Short Intermission: Arena Opens for warm-up
(Ponies 54” & Under) Are not allowed to enter into horse classes
14 Training (no points)
15 Pee wee up to 8
16 Horse, rider 9 - 16
17 Horse, rider 17 and up
Barrel Racing
18 Training (no points)
19 Pee wee up to 8
20 Horse,  rider 9  - 16
21 Horse, rider 17 and up
Jackpot Barrels ($20 Entry Fee 80% payout)
( Not included in Unlimited classes)
22 Training (no points)
23 Horse, rider pee wee - 16
24 Horse, rider 17 & up
25 Training (no points)
26 Pee wee up to 8
27 Horse,  rider 9  - 16
28 Horse, rider 17 and up
Directions: Take Hwy 70 to New Florence Hwy 19 Exit then west to Picnic Rd make left onto Picnic Rd then right into Old Settlers Picnic Grounds. Stay right and follow the signs through the cement creek bed to the arena.

Contact Information: Wendy 636-465-3781 / 636-634-0073
Saddle Club Rules

1. All rules that are in the New Florence Hwy 19 Saddle Club by-laws will be enforced to ensure fairness to all.

2. All entries will close one class prior.

3. All Judges Decisions are final.

4. All entry forms must be signed by entrant, and all minors (under 18) must have a parent/guardian sign the entry form and must be present on the show grounds during the entire show.

5. Ponies/Horses considered to be out of control by the Judge/Board will be pulled from the class.

6. NO STALLIONS allowed at New Florence Hwy 19 Saddle Club shows.

7. Poor sportsmanship will not be tolerated. New Florence Hwy 19 Saddle Club has the right to disqualify any exhibitor for inappropriate behavior, which includes remarks made to the judge, loud cursing, or abuse to any pony/horse in the arena or on the show grounds.

8. The pony height allowed in a pony class is under 54”. All ponies must be measured at the first show entered in before being shown. The measuring of the ponies will take place at each show right before pony halter at the arena entrance. Adult riders who wish to show a pony 54” and over, must be in open Jr or adult class. Pony class riders must be 13 years and under.

9. Western attire is required in all classes except speed, and lead line. Western attire is defined as western boots, western shirt/top, and cowboy hat or protective helmet. NO SPAGHETTI STRAP TOPS, SHORTS OR TENNIS SHOES ARE ALLOWED IN ANY CLASS.

10. No pony/horse may be ridden by two or more exhibitors in the same class.

11. Exhibitors are allowed one attempt to start in a timed event.

12. In the event the timer fails, a re-run will be given at the end of that class. Only penalties resulting in the re-run will be enforced.

13. In the pole bending, a five second penalty will be given for knocking over a pole. A NO TIME will be given in any speed class for a broken pattern.

14. In barrel racing a five second penalty will be given for knocking over a barrel. A NO TIME will be given in any speed class for a broken pattern.

15. To be eligible for year-end awards, the exhibitor must be a New Florence Hwy 19 Saddle Club member, have paid a minimum of $25.00 sponsorship fee and show a minimum 50% of the shows per class.


17. No training devices in western pleasure classes; split reins must be used in western pleasure classes, a basal/snaffle may be used on ponies/horses 5 years and under only, no draw reins, martingales or tie downs allowed.

18. Ranch classes- This class shows the horse’s ability to move at a working speed with a rider. Horses will be shown at three gates-walk, trot and lope- in each direction of the arena. Horses also will be asked to change directions while on the rail, stop and back. A horse will be given credit for traveling with his head held in a normal/natural position, ears alert and moving at a natural speed for the gait requested. Credit also will be given for making a smooth transition between the gates, for keeping the correct lead and for maintaining the gait until the judge asks for a change. A rider must show his horse with only one hand on the reins, unless the horse is 5 years old or younger and is being shown in a snaffle bit. Fancy tack and fancy outfits not required for this class.

19. All photos taken by club can and will be used for advertisement purposes for the club.