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2019 Lincoln County
All Breed Fun Horse Shows
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WARREN COUNTY FAIRGROUNDS, Warrenton, MO, off Highway 47

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June 1 July 20 August 17 September 14 October 12 October 19
Rain Dates June 15     September 21  
  Halter Classes will close for sign-up at 5:20

1 STOCK Type & NON-STOCK Type-Mare/Pony Model Halter- will be judged separately
2 STOCK Type & NON-STOCK Type -Gelding/Pony Model Halter-will be judged separately
3 LEADLINE – riders 10 yrs. & under-RIDER cannot enter into any other class
4 BEGINNER WALK-11 yrs. & under-pony or horse-RIDER CAN ENTER INTO CLASS #11,* PLUS see note below
5 YOUTH ENGLISH Walk/Trot-l7 yrs, & under
6 YOUTH ENGLISH PLEASURE- Walk/Trot/Canter-17 yrs. & under-no ponies under 52”
7 FUN CLASS-Toilet Paper Challenge-all ages,
Western or English
8 SENIOR ENGLISH-Walk/Trot-18 yrs. & older
l8 yrs. & older
10 OPEN Gaited 2 Gait Pleasure-Walk & Favorite Gait-Western or English
11 Beginner Walk/Trot-11yrs. & under-pony or horse-RIDER CAN ENTER INTO CLASS #4, PLUS –SEE NOTE BELOW
12 OPEN Gaited Breed Trail Pleasure-Dog Walk & Favorite Gait, Western or English
13 YOUTH WESTERN-Walk/Trot-17yrs. & under-pony or horse
14 YOUTH WESTERN PLEASURE-Walk/Trot/Lope-l7 yrs. & under-no ponies under 52”
15 OPEN GAITED Breed FUN SPEED class-running walk & racking gait-Western or English
16 TRAINING POLES-may only run 2 times on same horse-$5.00 per run-no ribbons/points-all ages-can lead in this class
17 FUN CLASS-BIG “T” Race-all ages-timed event
(maybe split or made into a Walk/Trot only class)
18 SENIOR Western-Walk/Trot-18 yrs. & older
19 SENIOR Western pleasure-Walk/Trot/Lope
l8 yrs. & older
20 SENIOR HORSE Pleasure-horse 5 yr, & older-Walk/Trot/ Canter/Lope-Western or English-no ponies under 52” 
21 OPEN GAITED BREED COUNTRY PLEASURE-Walk/Favorite Gait-Western or English
22 YOUTH RANCH WALK/TROT-riders 17 yrs, & under-Western or English(see description @ desk)
23 YOUTH RANCH RIDING-Walk/Trot/Lope/Canter
riders17 yrs. & under-Western or English-no ponies under 52”
24 Open Light Shod Country Pleasure-Walk/Favorite Gait-Western or English
25 TRAINING BARRELS-may only run 2 times on same horse-$5.00 per run-no ribbons/points
-all ages-can lead in this class
26 SENIOR RANCH-Walk/Trot-riders 18 yrs, & older-Western or English-see class description @ desk
27 SENIOR RANCH RIDING-Walk/Trot/Canter/Lope-18 yrs & older-Western or English-see class description @ desk
28 JUNIOR HORSE-Walk/Trot-horse 4 yrs, & under-Western or English
29 OPEN LIGHT SHOD GAITED PLEASURE-Walk/Favorite Gait-Western or English
30 VERSATILITY FUN CLASS-different every show-All Ages
  ENTRY FEES-$5.00 per class Plus Arena Fee of $5.00 per horse

Negative Coggins required

A.P.H.A. approved point show for PAC Credits

Contact Sally at 636-528-6059 or justwhoasally@gmail.com for Pre-Registration

These shows are not sanctioned or affiliated with any breed association, only PAC Credits are available.

Classes may be added up to one class before class in arena. ALL ENTRIES Close after class #24
Show will not refund for classes chosen incorrectly. Scratches will not be refunded without a vet excuse.

Please observe proper attire for all classes; no t-shirts, ball caps or tennis shoes. Must have a collared shirt.
Judge’s decision final.

*Model Halter classes may use a halter or bridle- all entries enter arena single file to line up to be judged on CONFORMATION only.

*Beginners may enter Halter & Fun (if fun class is a 1 on 1 class) & Training classes only –Beginner’s may have helper in arena but must not interfere with riders or judge.

NO Big Lick Padded Shoes, Chains or action devices allowed. Plantation shoes are allowed.

Snaffle bit rides 2 handed, Shank bit rides 1 handed

Warning: under Missouri law, an equine professional is not liable for an injury to or death of a participant in equine activities resulting from the inherent risks of equine pursuant to the Revised Statutes of Missouri. This also includes anyone working &/or helping at above stated show