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Curious Owl Farm
Silex, MO
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  2016 All English Fun Shows
Starting 9AM (unless bad/hot weather)
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  May 14 Judges: Tba
Manager: Sheila Meyer
Show Secretary: Jeanie Jeans
Announcer:Jeanie Jeans
Show Chef: Keith Meyer
Asst. Chef: Lance Jeans
  June 18
  July 16
  Aug 20
  Sept 10
  Oct 22
  1 Leadline
  2 Youth W/T Equitation
  3 Youth W/T Hunter
  4 Older W/T Equitation
  5 Older W/T Hunter
  6 Adult W/T Equitation
  7 Adult W/T Hunter
  8 Youth W/T/C Equitation
  9 Youth W/T/C Hunter
  10 Older W/T/C Equitation
  11 Older W/T/C Hunter
  12 Adult W/T/C Equitation
  13 Adult W/T/C Hunter
  14 Open W/T Equitation
  15 Open W/T Hunter
  16 Open W/T/C Equitation
  17 Open W/T/C Hunter
18 Youth Crossrail Hunter
19 Older Crossrail Hunter
20 Adult Crossrail Hunter
21 Open Crossrail Hunter
22 Open Crossrail Equitation
23 Open Crossrail Jumper
24 Catherine Meyer Jeans Memorial Scholarship Fund Equitation Class 2
25 Open 2 Hunter
26 Open 2 Jumper
27 Open 23 Hunter
28 Open 23 Jumper
29 Open 26 Hunter
30 Open 26 Jumper
31 Open Bareback W/T EQ
32 Open Bareback W/T/C EQ
33 Open Bareback Crossrail Hunter
34 Open Bareback Crossrail
  Ribbons awarded to 1st through 6th in all classes High point awards to be handed out for each Division at the October show.  
  Negative Coggins required for all horses on the property. No dogs allowed. To be eligible for season end awards, riders have to compete in 5 of the 6 shows. Numbers are assigned per rider.  
Youth is 1 to 13 years.
Older is 14 to 18 years.
Adult is open to all riders over 18.
Open is open all riders.
( A riders age is determined by their age
as of Jan 1, 2016.)
Stalls: $20.00 per day. (shavings included)
Class Fees: $7.00 per class Catherine Meyer Jeans Equitation Class: $15.00 Office Fee: $15.00 per entry form. One horse/ rider per entry. (No office fee is applied to leadline only riders)
Non-Showing Fee: $30.00 per horse. (release required) Parking is limited and you will be directed to designated parking areas
Schooling is available on Saturday morning from 6:30 to 7:45.
Add/ Scratches must be made prior to the start of the class.
  All exhibitors are required to wear an SEI or SEI/ASTM approved safety equestrian helmet with fastened chin harness in all classes and all warm-up areas.