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2015 Show Bill
4-State Horse Show Association
March 22, April 26, May 17
June 14, July 12, Sept. 13
October 4
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Registration begins at 8 a.m.
Show Starts at 9 a.m.
Route 66 Arena
14590 Hwy 96
Miller, MO
Halter Classes
1 All Breed Color • All Sexes (Walk only)
2 Hunter/Stock • All Sexes
3 Saddle/Pleasure • All Sexes
4 Miniature/Pony Breeds • All Sexes
5 Showmanship • Adult
6 Showmanship • Junior
7 Showmanship (Rule 10) • Adult Walk/Trot
8 Showmanship (Rule 10) • Junior Walk/Trot
Driving Classes
9 Adult Amateur ~ All Breeds
10 Miniature /Pony • Open
11 Arabian Costume (Hand Gallop Required) • Open
Break - 15 Minutes
Hunt Seat Classes
12 Leadline • 8 & Under (Rule 12) • All Seats • All Breeds
13 All Breeds • Open
14 Hunter/Stock Type • Adult Amateur
15 Hunter/Stock Type •Junior (Rule 19)
16 Arabian • Open
17 Saddle/Pleasure Type • Junior (Rule 19)
18 Saddle/Pleasure Type • Adult Amateur
19 Adult W/T (Rule 10) • All Breeds
20 Junior W/T (Rule 19 & 10) • All Breeds
21 Equitation • Adult Amateur • All Breeds
22 Equitation • Junior • All Breeds (Rule 19)
23 Equitation (Rule 10) • Adult W/T • All Breeds
 24 Equitation (Rule 10 &19) • Junior W/T • All Breeds
25 Hunter Hack • Open • All Breeds (Max 2’6” Jumps)
26 Hunter Hack • W/T • All Breeds
(Max 2’6” Jumps, Rule 21)
Lunch Break - 25 minutes
English Pleasure (Saddle Seat)
27 Saddle/Pleasure Type • Adult Amateur
28 Saddle/Pleasure Type • Junior (Rule 19)
29 Saddle/Pleasure Type • Open
30 Gaited Pleasure (NO CANTER) • Open • All Breeds
31 Arabian • Open
32 Saddle/Pleasure Type (Rule 10) • Adult W/T
33 Saddle/Pleasure Type (Rule 10 & 19) • Junior W/T
34 Equitation • Adult Amateur
35 Equitation • Junior
36 Equitation (Rule 10) • Adult W/T
37 Equitation (Rule 10 &19) • Junior W/T
 Break - 15 minutes
Western Pleasure Classes
38 All Breeds • Open
39 Hunter/Stock Type • Adult Amateur
40 Hunter/Stock Type •Junior (Rule 19)
41 Saddle/Pleasure Type • Junior (Rule 19)
42 Saddle/Pleasure Type • Adult Amateur
43 ASB Western Pleasure • Open
44 Adult W/T (Rule 10) • All Breeds
45 Junior W/T (Rule 19 & 10) • All Breeds
46 Arabian • Open
47 Horsemanship • Adult Amateur • All Breeds
48 Horsemanship • Junior (Rule 19) • All Breeds
49 Horsemanship • Adult W/T (Rule 10) All Breeds
50 Horsemanship• Junior W/T (Rule 19 & 10) All Breeds
51 Trail • Open • All Breeds & Any Seat
52 Trail • (Rule 10) Walk/Trot • All Breeds & Any Seat
Event Classes
53 Egg & Spoon • Open
54 Egg & Spoon • Walk/Trot • All Ages (Rule 21)
55 FUN Class TBA • Open
56 Barrels • Open
57 Barrels • Walk/Trot • All Ages (Rule 21)
58 Flag Race • Open
59 Flag Race • Walk/Trot • All Ages (Rule 21)
60 Poles • Open
61 Poles W/T • All Ages (Rule 21)
62 Key Hole • Open
63 Key Hole W/T • All Ages (Rule 21

Show Rules

1.In consideration of the acceptance of any entry, the owner and/or exhibitor hereby releases and agrees not to hold show management and/or 4-State Horse Show Association from any liabilities for damage or loss if any suffered or sustained by owner, exhibitor, or handler of such entries as a result of personal injury or property damage or theft occurring in connection with/or during these shows.

2.Rules of the AQHA/PtHA (American Quarter Horse Association) are to be followed for all stock horse classes unless specified. The AQHA/PtHA Handbook, unless amended, will be used for all 4 State Horse Shows in the stock horse classes. Along will the 4-State Horse Show Association Rules.

3.Rules of the USEF (United States Equine Federation) are to be followed for all saddle/pleasure classes in all 4 State Horse Shows. Along will the 4-State Horse Show Association Rules.

4.Horse Types: Hunter - Predominantly Thoroughbred, Warmblood. Stock - Predominantly Quarter Horse breeding, conformation and type. Saddle - Predominantly Saddlebred, Hackney, Tennessee Walking Horse , Paso Fino, Foxtrotter breeding, conformation and type. Pleasure - Predominantly Arabian , Friesian, Morgan breeding, conformation and type.

5.Neat attire required, proper dress not required. In all classes a long sleeve collared button up shirt, pants, Western Hat/English Riding Helmet and Boots ARE REQUIRED. The judge may excuse coat/jackets. Safety helmets shall be deemed to be appropriate attire. Helmets are strongly encouraged for riders 17 & under.

6.Judges and Show Management reserves the right to split or combine any classes. Judges and Show Management reserves the right to remove any unmanageable animal or person from the show at any time at his/her discretion.

7.Entries and Scratches must be made at least 3 classes in advance and all tabs will be required to have a signed blank check upon entry and if not filled out at end of show, this gives 4 State Horse Show Association express permission to complete check and deposit in the bank. All scratched classes are non refundable.

8.There will be a 2 minute gate call that will be enforced. Any tack changes must be made known to show management at least 3 classes in advance.

9.Patterns will be posted one hour before the start of the show.

10.Walk/Trot: Novice Rider or Novice Horse- The Novice Rider or Novice Horse may NOT have ever shown in a judged canter class. A snaffle bit is permitted (Rider must ride with two hands when using a snaffle bit).

11.Adult Amateur Classes- Rules according to USEF or AQHA.

12.Lead line riders cannot cross enter into any other classes.

13.Gaited Breeds entered in any classes, will be judged at the favored gait when trot/jog is called for.

14.Class 28 Gaited Pleasure the horse must do one of the following: Single Foot, Slow Gait, Rack, Running Walk, Paso Corto, Foxtrot when favored gait is called for. NO Cantering.

15.All Entry fees are non-refundable, this includes any/all classes that have been scratched.

16.Rider’s and Horses’ age will be calculated as of January 1st of the current year.

17.There is to be NO Alcohol on the premises at anytime.

18.Stallions may only be shown in halter classes and open classes. Handler/Rider must be at least 18 years of age.

19. Junior exhibitor is a rider that is 18 years of age and younger.

20.Hunter Hack classes ALL Riders MUST wear a Helmet.

21. Rule #10 Does NOT apply for these classes Hunter Hack Walk/Trot and Walk/Trot Event Classes.
** When going for points with MHSA you must follow their rules as well. **

Class Entry Information

Negative Coggins must be presented at every show.

Outdoor Arena At the Republic Saddle Club Arena 711 E Miller Rd. Republic, MO

Registration begins at 8:00 a.m
Show begins at 9:00 a.m

Entry Fees: $30 All Day ,
Or $10 Office Fee & $5 per class for each Horse/Rider combination

Annual High-Point Nomination Fee:
$10.00 per division for each Horse/Rider Combination Annual Membership Fees: $25 Individual or $30 Family

More Info:
www.4stateshowseries.org and Facebook

Requirements for year-End Awards

A.Must be a 4 State Member that has paid the nomination fee which is based on one horse/one rider combination for each division nominated.

B.Points will be counted from the first day you join and nomination fee is paid.

C.Halter/Model Points follow the horse not the handler.

D.Exhibitor must show at a minimum of 4 show dates and in the same classes for each age division nominated to qualify for Year-End/High Point Awards.

E.Each exhibitor/their alternant (Family member, Friend, someone from there barn etc. ) must work the minimum of 5 divisions, “Setting Up, working gates or Helping at the sign up table ect. counts as one division”, during the current show year