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Fun in the Sun State Line Horse Show

Lone wolf Ranch in Cleveland, Mo
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May 8  --  June15  --  July13  --  August17
Show classes start at 10.  Gamer classes will not start before 2
Show Me Classes
1 Showmanship W/T
2 Showmanship 15 and Under
3 Showmanship 16 and Over
4 English Equitation W/T
5 English Equitation 15 and Under
6 English Equitation 16 and Over
7 Hunter Under Saddle W/T
8 Hunter Under Saddle 15 and Under
9 Hunter Under Saddle 16 and Over
10 Trail W/T
11 Trail 15 and Under
12 Trail 16 and Over
13 Horsemanship W/T
14 Horsemanship 15 and Under
15 Horsemanship 16 and Over
16 Western Pleasure W/T
17 Western Pleasure 15 and Under
18 Western Pleasure 16 and Over
19 Lead Line
Gamer Classes
20 Ride a buck W/T
21 Ride a buck 15 and Under
22 Ride a buck 16 and Over
23 Egg and Spoon W/T
24 Egg and Spoon 15 and Under
25 Egg and Spoon 16 and Over
26 Musical Barrels W/T
27 Musical Barrels 15 and Under
28 Musical Barrels 16 and Over
29 Simon Says W/T
30 Simon Says 15 and Under
31 Simon Says 16 and Over
32 Water Challenge W/T
33 Water Challenge 15 and Under
34 Water Challenge 16 and Over
35 Water Challenge Lead Line
36 Follow Me W/T
37 Follow Me 15 and Under
38 Follow Me 16 and Over
All classes are $3

To be nominated for a highpoint award it is $1 for each class you would like to go towards highpoint

You must pay a $6 barn fee unless you buy a stall a for the day which is $15
Tack stalls are $10

$40 max entry fee per person excluding highpoint nomination fees

For points to count towards the “All Around Horse” highpoint you will need to pay an $8 nomination fee for each show

3 high point divisions Show Me, Gamer, and all around horse, W/T, 15 and Under, 16 and Over (one all around will be awarded)

One horse one rider combinations for each highpoint

All classes will count towards highpoint
One time $10 nomination fee for lead line
All nomination fees will go directly into highpoint awards

If you ride in W/T classes you cannot ride in loping classes
Casual attire, jeans and t-shirt, please no low cut shirts or tank tops
Volunteers will be rewarded with half off entry for one contestant for each show worked.

Three volunteer spots are available for each show. Volunteer must 16 years old or older.

Email michaelahinkle@yahoo.com for more questions and applications