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Saturday, June 29
Rain Date  Oct. 19

Start 10:00 am
Saturday, Sept 7
Rain Date Oct. 19

Start 10:00 am
Sunday, Oct 12
Rain Date Nov. 2

Start 10:00 am
1 Open Ground Poles
2 Sr. X-Rails 18in.
3 Jr. X-Rails 18in.
4 Novice Walk- Trot X-Rails 18in.
5 Sr. Over Fences 2ft.
6 Jr. Over Fences 2ft.
7 Sr. English Pleasure
8 Jr. English Pleasure
9 Novice Walk- Trot English Pleasure
10 Sr. English Equitation
11 Jr. English Equitation
12 Novice Walk- Trot English Equitation
13 Sr. Showmanship at Halter
14 Jr. Showmanship at Halter
15 Novice Showmanship at Halter
16 Sr. Trail
17 Jr. Trail
18 Novice Walk- Trot Trail
19 Sr. Western Pleasure
20 Jr. Western Pleasure
21 Novice Walk-Trot Western Pleasure
22 Gaited Pleasure
23 Sr. Horsemanship
24 Jr. Horsemanship
25 Novice Walk- Trot Horsemanship
26 Sr. Flag Race
27 Jr. Flag Race
28 Novice Walk-Trot Flag Race
29 Sr. Barrel Race
30 Jr. Barrel Race
31 Novice Walk- Trot Barrel Race
32 Sr. Plug Race
33 Jr. Plug Race
34 Novice Walk- Trot Plug Race
35 Sr. Pole Bending
36 Jr. Pole Bending
37 Novice Walk- Trot Pole Bending
38 Open Egg & Spoon
39 Mystery Class
Entry Fees $5 per class, $30 max per rider Sr. (14-18), Jr. (8-13)
Need Negative Coggins to show Novice riders must be in their first or second year of Horsemanship
  Ages as of January 1, 2013 No Cross Over- If you show in a Novice class,
you cannot show in any Jr. or Sr. Classes.
  MUST wear helmet at all times  
  Classes subject to change at discretion of ACE BRONCO BUNCH  ~~  NO REFUNDS
  More information: Please call Debbie Quarternik 314-799-5641 or Carla Smith 314-303-0023 (email carla1220@att.net)