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2011 List of Events
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Sat 6:00 pm May 28 Walnut Grove, MO Walnut Grove Saddle Club Donna Hammontree 417-840-8407  
Mon 11:00 am May 30 Elkland, MO  Elkland Lions Club Bill Cunningham 417-759-2187 417-839-9548
Sat 6:00 pm June 4 Mansfield, MO Mansfield Saddle Club Larry Ferguson 417-924-4972 Jatmee Melnikoff 417-741-9501
Sat 6:00 pm June 11 Brighton, MO Brighton Saddle Club Carla Thompson 417-429-6626  
Sat 2:00 pm June 25 Brighton, MO Good Samaritan Boys Ranch Dennis Parks 417-376-2238 Ed Baker
Sat 2:00 pm July 16 Sugar Creek Ranch
Fund-Raiser Show for Year-End Awards
Annual Show CRSHA Scott Harralson 417-844-2631 Lisa Ramsey
Sat 6:00 pm July 23 Seymour, MO Seymour Saddle Club Chris Strong 417-689-9119  
Sat 6:00 pm Aug 6 Rogersville, MO Rogersville Saddle Club Laura McHaffie 417-634-4244 417-689-3068
Sat 6:00 pm Aug 13 Republic, MO Republic Saddle Club Julie Williams 417-844-5224  
Sat & Sun 2:00 pm Sept 24 & Sept 25 Lucky  J  Arena
Carthage, MO
Multi-State Stock Horse Invitational Championship Lee & Judith Rollins  417-224-2611
1 Lead-Line Horsemanship (6&Under) ($1.00 entry fee, no payback)
2 English Hunt Seat
3 English Equitation
4 Weanlings and Yearlings at Halter
5 Stallions and Geldings at Halter
6 Mares at Halter
7 Youth Showmanship at Halter (13 & Under)
8 Youth Showmanship at Halter (14-18)
9 Adult Showmanship at Halter (19 & Over)
5-Minute Warm-up (Longe Line Class Only)
10 Yearling Longe Line
5-Minute Warm-up (Snaffle Bit Class Only)
11 2 and 3 Year Old Snaffle Bit Pleasure
12 Pony Western Pleasure-Riders 18 and Under
(Horses 54" and Under)
13 Open Stock Horse Pleasure
14 Pee-Wee Walk Trot
(10 and Under) ($1.00 entry fee, no payback)
15 Walk-Trot (13 and Under) ($1.00 entry fee, no payback)
16 Youth Stock Horse Pleasure (13 and Under)
17 Walk-Trot (14-18) ($1.00 entry fee, no payback)
18 Youth Stock Horse Pleasure (14-18)
19 Adult Walk-Trot (19 and Over)
20 Novice Stock Horse Pleasure
21 Select 50 and Over Western Pleasure
22 Jr. Stock Horse Pleasure (Horses 5 and Under)
23 Youth Horsemanship (18 and Under)
24 Adult Horsemanship (19 and Over)
25 Sr. Stock Horse Pleasure (Horses 6 and Over)
26 Adult Stock Horse Pleasure (19 and Over)
27 Youth Trail (18 and Under) (No Limit on # of Obstacles)
28 Adult Trail (19 and Over) (No Limit on # of Obstacles)
5-Minute Warm-up (Timed Event Classes Only)
29 Open Figure Eight
30 Open Flags
31 Pee-Wee Barrels
(10 and Under) ($1.00 entry fee, no payback)
32 Youth Barrels (13 and Under)
33 Youth Barrels (14-18)
34 Open Barrels
35 Pee-Wee Poles
(10 and Under) ($1.00 entry fee, no payback)
36 Youth Poles (13 and Under)
37 Youth Poles (14-18)
38 Open Poles
Negative Coggins Required

* Ponies may show in pony designated classes only. *All pee-wee 10 & under classes are walk trot only. Youth that enter pee-wee classes may not enter any other riding classes. Pee-wee participants may only show in pee-wee designated classes!

It is mandatory in all classes (except timed events and English classes) to wear appropriate western attire, including long sleeve shirts reaching the wrist and a western hat. In all speed events, hat and long sleeves are optional. Safety helmets shall be deemed appropriate attire.

Novice stock horse pleasure class rule: to be eligible to ride in this class the rider must not have received a first place year-end award in novice, or a 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place award in any western pleasure class in any association for the past three years. Points go strictly to the rider. This is enforced by the "honor system". This rule must be printed on all CRSHA show bills.

* Membership must be carried in the name of the owner of the horse as well as the exhibitor, If not the same household, for points to count towards year-end awards. Points do not accumulate until membership is paid.

* Under Missouri law, an equine professional is not liable for an injury to, or the death of a participant in equine activities resulting from the inherent risks of equine activities pursuant to the revised statutes of Missouri.