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App-solute Blast! 2 Sunday, September 17th, 2006
starting not before 7:30 AM
The shows will be held rain or shine. with the exception of lightning.

An ApHC sanctioned point show with classes for horses of all breeds

Judge - Mary Ann Cash

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At the Big River Saddle Club Park in Grubville, MO (Jefferson County) on Highway Y and Joe Buck Road, approximately 2 miles south of Route 30 (Gravois) and approximately 35 miles SW of St. Louis. No stalls are available; tie-outs only.

Class prices: $5/class
Open breed classes only flat fee: $15
Appaloosa classes only flat fee: $30
Appaloosa & open breed classes flat fee: $35
1 Weanling colts
2 Yearling colts
3 2 year old colts
4 3 year old colts
5 Aged stallions
6 Non pro stallions
7 FPD stallions
8 Grand and reserve stallions
9 Weanling geldings
10 Yearling geldings
11 2 year old geldings
12 3 year old geldings
13 Aged geldings
14 Non pro geldings
15 FPD geldings
16 Grand and reserve geldings
17 Youth geldings 
18 Weanling fillies
19 Yearling fillies
20 2 year old mares
21 3 year old mares
22 Aged mares
23 Broodmares
24 Non pro mares
25 FPD mares
26 Grand and reserve mares
27 Youth mares
28 Open breed Stallion Halter
29 Open breed Gelding halter
30 Open breed mare halter
31 Most colorful at halter
32 Non pro Most colorful at halter
33 Youth Most colorful at halter
34 Open breed Most colorful at halter
35 Longe line
36 Youth Western showmanship at halter
37 Youth Novice western showmanship at halter
38 Open breed Youth showmanship
39 Non pro Western showmanship
40 Open breed Adult showmanship
41 Youth English showmanship at halter
42 Open breed Gaited pleasure
43 Hunter in hand stallions
44 Non pro Hunter in hand stallions
45 Hunter in hand geldings
46 Non pro Hunter in hand geldings
47 Youth Hunter in hand geldings
48 Hunter in hand mares
49 Non pro Hunter in hand mares
50 Youth Hunter in hand mares
51 Non pro Bareback equitation
52 Youth bareback equitation
53 Open breed Adult western pleasure
54 Ladies' side saddle
55 2 year old snaffle bit western pleasure
56 3 year old snaffle bit western pleasure
57 Western pleasure, all ages
58 Youth Western riding
59 Non pro Western pleasure
60 Youth Western pleasure
61 Youth Novice Western pleasure
62 Open breed Youth Western pleasure
63 Walk trot Western pleasure
64 Open breed Adult walk trot
65 Open breed Youth walk trot
66 Non pro Western equitation
67 Youth Western equitation
68 Lead line
69 Open breed Lead line
70 Keyhole
71 Non pro Keyhole
72 Youth Keyhole
73 Pleasure Driving
74 Non pro Pleasure driving
75 Open breed Pleasure Driving
76 Prairie stump race
77 Non pro Prairie stump race
78 Youth Prairie stump race
79 Heritage
80 Youth Heritage
81 Figure 8 stake race
82 Non pro Figure 8 stake race
83 Youth Figure 8 stake race
84 Open breed Figure 8 stake race
85 Nez Perce` stake race
86 Non pro Nez Perce` stake race
87 Youth Nez Perce` stake race
88 Non pro hunt seat equitation
89 Youth Hunt seat equitation
90 Open breed Adult hunter under saddle
91 2 year old snaffle bit hunter under saddle
92 3 year old snaffle bit hunter under saddle
93 Hunter under saddle, all ages
94 Non pro Hunter under saddle
95 Youth Hunter under saddle
96 Youth Novice Hunter under saddle
97 Open breed Youth Hunter under saddle
98 Walk trot hunter under saddle
99 Saddle seat pleasure
100 Non pro Saddle seat pleasure
101 Youth Saddle seat pleasure
102 Hunter hack, all ages
103 Non pro hunter hack
104 Youth hunter hack
105 Open breed Cross rails
106 Non pro Hunt seat equitation over fences
107 Youth Hunt seat equitation over fences
108 Pre-green hunter
109 Green hunter
110 Youth Working hunter
111 Non pro Working hunter
112 Working hunter
113 Youth jumping
114 Preliminary jumping
115 Non pro Jumping
116 Jumping
This is primarily an Appaloosa show, and all ApHC rules apply (which can be found on line at If you are interested in showing a registered Appaloosa at our show, you must have a current membership, which can be paid up at the show.  Non pro status can also be paid up at the show.
Youth are ages 18 and under as of January 1st, 2006.
All youth speed events and youth jumping events require an approved safety helmet.
Youth may not handle or ride a stallion in a youth class.
All classes require long sleeves, whether shirts or jackets (arms must be covered).  Western and speed classes  require western hats or safety helmets.  Jackets are required in all English classes, unless the judge allows no jackets due to the heat.  At that point the long sleeve shirt rule applies.
For the open breed classes; the Appaloosa halter classes will probably take at least an hour before the open breed halter classes start.
The open breed classes are eligible for ACAAP merits, and this show is also Arabian Horse Association OEIP approved.

Ribbons have generously been donated by Julie and Jeff Wahby of J Squared Lessons and Training

There are many classes, and we would like to get through them at a decent pace.  Please do your best to be ready when your class is coming up.  We will do our best to let you know where we are in the class order.  If you need a tack change, please let us know in advance.  If you need any help, please do not hesitate to ask!
All park rules apply; please use trash receptacles, keep dogs on leashes, no alcoholic beverages other than beer, and no tying horses to trees. 

For more information, contact Kim Rumpsa at 636-452-552
Thank you, and we look forward to seeing you!

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