Horses and Mud Seminar


Tuesday, April 19, 2005

The Montgomery and Warren County SWCD's are hosting an Equine meeting and have invited Alayne Blickle, Horses For Clean Water, to present her program "Horses and Mud", a program on environmentally friendly horse keeping.


  Alayne and her husband have a 10 ac farm outside of Seattle, Washington where they have quarter horses that they compete with in reining events. Her program addresses the problems associated with mud and manure management on small acreages.


  The 'Horses and Mud' workshop will also cover subjects such as paddock design, sacrifice areas, drainage techniques, composting material and stall waste, horse health problems, pasture management and manure management.


  This is a MUST SEE program!  This workshop will be held April 19, 2005 at the Innsbrook Resort Conference Center in Wright City MO from 2-8 pm. The registration fee is only $5.00 and covers the cost of dinner and materials including the "Horses for Clean Water" manual.      
  You can view information about Alayne Blicke at   For more information please call 636-456-3434 ext. 3 or email  


   Email Sarah Szachnieski  


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