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Meet Me In St. Louis Dressage Schooling Show  --- Presented by National Equestrian Center 

MHSA and SLADS Recognized

LOCATION    National Equestrian Center, Lake St. Louis, MO                  

Tel: (636) 561-8080  Fax: (636) 561-8456

e-mail: info@thenationalequestriancenter.com       www.thenationalequestriancenter.com

Located 2 miles south of Highway 40 on Lake St. Louis Boulevard 

DATES    April 3 and 4, 2004 

JUDGE   Nina Denman r, IA 

OPENING   February20, 2004        CLOSING DATE    March  19 ,2004

SHOW MANAGER       Martha Yates         mydressagerose@aol.com        (636) 828-5694

 SHOW SECRETARY  Catherine Wendt-Bernal  (636) 922-0644 cwendtbernal@aol.com     


Dressage                                           $18.00 each class

Office Fee                                          $12.00

Stabling              $27.00 per day or part thereof; $37.00 for the weekend     All horses on the premises shall occupy a stall

SHAVINGS  One bag of shavings is included in the stall price.  Additional bedding is available for $7.00 per bale. Bedding may not be brought into the facility. Exhibitors will be charged $7.00 for each bag of shavings/bedding brought onto the property. 

CONCESSIONS Full service concession service begins one hour prior to competition during show dates.  

LATE ENTRIES  Late entries will not be accepted.  Entries must be mailed after the opening dates and arrive before the closing dates noted for each series.

 HEALTH PAPERS Proof of current Negative Coggins is required. 

AWARDS  Six ribbons and a trophy will be presented for every class.   

RIDE TIMES Ride times will be mailed the week before each show if a self-addressed stamped envelope is provided with entries.  Otherwise, call the secretary for times. 

SCHOOLING  Schooling will be allowed in any competition arena prior to or during any competition at management’s discretion.  Adequate indoor warm-up is provided.   Lunging area will be available outside. 

RULES 1.      USEF rules will govern all classes.  Informal attire is permitted; however, boots, breeches, & hard hats are required. 

2.      Dogs must be leashed at all times.

3.      Dressage & CT dressage tests are available from the Secretary at a cost of $1 each. 

CANCELLATIONS   All cancellations are subject to a $20 office fee.  Cancellations prior to closing will receive all fees less the office fee.  Cancellations after the closing date (with an original Vet/Drs certificate) will receive 50% of all fees.

Class List



USDF Intro Test 1


CT Test of Choice** (specify test)


USDF Intro Test 2


First Level Test 1


Training Level Test 1


First Level Test 2


Training Level Test 2


First Level Test 3


Training Level Test 3


First Level Test 4


Training Level Test 4


Second Level **  (test of choice specify)




Third Level and above** (test of choice specify)




USDF Intro Test 1


CT Test of Choice** (specify test)


USDF Intro Test 2


First Level Test 1


Training Level Test 1


First Level Test 2


Training Level Test 2


First Level Test 3


Training Level Test 3


First Level Test 4


Training Level Test 4


Second Level**  (test of choice specify)




Third Level and above** (test of choice specify)

           More that one test may be ridden by a competitor in the ‘Test of Choice’ classes; however the same test may not be ridden twice. 

Management reserves the right to cancel/combine classes,

AS necessary, depending upon entries.

Competitors will be notified.

Volunteers are always welcome.  Please contact Martha Yates if you can help.




National Equestrian Center

Rules and Regulations 

NOTE:       Please put manure in concrete bins or dump trailers located outside of barns.  Small blue dumpsters are for trash only. 

1.      NO SMOKING in any barns or arenas.  Smoking outside only. 

2.      NO PARKING in the barn areas except for loading and unloading.  Please park vehicles in designated parking areas only. Violators will be towed at owner’s expense. 

3.      Dogs must be on a leash or confined at ALL times.  A $100 fine will be charged for loose dogs found in barns, arenas, concession area, lobby and parking lots.  Please use good judgment when bringing dogs in public and spectator areas. 

4.      The following items are strictly prohibited at the Park:  glass bottles, firearms, illegal drugs, fireworks, air horns and any other items which may detract from the safety and enjoyment of exhibitors and spectators as determined by Park management. 

5.      Please do not use nails or screws for decorating or hanging tack.  Cable ties, duct tape, overstall hangers and staples may be used.  Help us prevent injury to horses and barn users.

6.      Any temporary power cord must be of the 3-wire type.  All drop cords shall be used with the ground fault protected outlets to prevent accidents.

7.      NO LITTERING.  Trash receptacles are located in all barns and spectator areas for your convenience.  Manure must be placed in designated areas.

8.      NO TYING horses to any fences, rails or stall fronts. 

9.      Lunging is permitted in designated areas only.  No lunging in main show arenas.

10.    Horses are NOT PERMITTED in public spectator areas. 

11.    Motorized vehicles and golf carts are not allowed in the barns.  Vehicles in authorized areas must be operated by a licensed, insured driver. 

12.    Stall bedding is required in all stalls except tack stalls.  Exhibitors must purchase all bedding from the National Equestrian Center. Arrangements can be made in the show office.  

13.    Exhibitors are responsible for any damages caused by their animals or anyone in their party.  Please report any damages to the Management immediately. 

14.    Management shall have the absolute right to eject any person who violates any one of these rules or is disruptive at any time during the show or event. 



Meet me In St. Louis Dressage Schooling Show          April 3-4, 2004

Entries Open February 20; Close March 19

(One horse per form please)

If your entry is completed correctly... a special treat will await you!


Rider:       _________________________________

 Age:        _____

Address:       __________________________________

Phone:       Day ____________      Night______________          

Email:         __________________________________________

Horse:        __________________________________________

Owner:       __________________________________________

Classes:  ____________________   ____________________   ____________________      ____________________   ____________________      ____________________

____________________     ____________________   ____________________     ____________________   ____________________     ____________________

  Class Fees      ____________

  Office fee ($12): ___________ 

  Stabling:           ____________

  Additional Bedding ($7 per bale):    ______________

 Test Copies ($1 each):      ____________

                                      Total fees:    ____________


Please make checks payable to National Equestrian Center, sign release on opposite page & mail with proof of Negative Coggins to:

Catherine Wendt-Bernal   6 Teak Court, St. Peters, MO 63376                  







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