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The 2004 Last Chance App-Point-ment


Saturday & Sunday, December 18th & 19th, 2004
Judges: Tom Keeling, Fred Keywood, Jim & Sandy Jirkovsky



To be held at the National Equestrian Center in Lake St. Louis, Missouri, located near the intersection of I-70 and I-40, about 30 minutes west of St. Louis. This nice facility is fully contained, heated, and has hot water for showers and wash racks. Camper hook-ups, stalls (per weekend), shavings (must be purchased from the facility), and vendor booths are all available. All exhibitors and owners must be current ApHC members (membership may be paid up at the show). Facility phone number before and during the show is 636-561-8080. Youth entry $3.50/judge/class Office Charge $9/horse (1X), Current Coggins certificate required, health certificate on out of state horses.
Non Pro Entry $7.00/judge/class Jump Fee $5/horse (1X), Open Entry $8.00/judge/class Warm-Up Fee $5, OPTIONAL ALL SHOW FEE per horse: OPEN AND NON PRO COMBINED Max. $100 + ApHC judges' fees, YOUTH CLASSES Max. $60 + ApHC judges' fees, YOUTH AND OPEN COMBINED Max. $100 + ApHC judges' fees. Show to start no earlier than 8:00 AM each day. A list of all facility rules will be available at the show, and on the back of the show bills. Please call to have a show bill mailed to you and to reserve stalls. There will be a drawing from all back numbers entered in the show by 11:30 Thursday night.

Contact Kim Rumpsa, Show Manager, at 636-452-5521, or SpottedRump@juno.com .
(2 week prior call-in required for all cattle classes: please call by December 12)

Cattle Classes
Junior Cutting
Senior Cutting
N/P Cutting
Youth Cutting (18 & U)
Junior Working Cow Horse
Senior Working Cow Horse
Timed Calf Roping
Judged Calf Roping
N/P Judged Calf Roping
Youth Judged Calf Roping (18 & U)
Junior Judged Heading
Senior Judged Heading
  N/P Judged Heading
  Youth Judged Heading (18 & U)
  Junior Judged Heeling
  Senior Judged Heeling
  N/P Judged Heeling
  Youth Judged Heeling (18 & U)
  Junior Heading and Heeling
  Senior Heading and Heeling
  Steer Daubing
  N/P Steer Daubing
  Youth Steer Daubing (18 & U)

Horse and Rider

N/P Yearling Longe Line
Yearling Longe Line
N/P Stallions
Weanling Stallions
Yearling Stallions
2 Year Old Stallions
3 Year Old Stallions
Aged Stallions
FPD Stallions
Youth Geldings
N/P Geldings
Weanling Geldings
Yearling Geldings
2 Year Old Geldings
3 Year Old Geldings
Aged Geldings
FPD Geldings
Youth Mares
N/P Mares
Weanling Mares
Yearling Mares
2 Year Old Mares
3 Year Old Mares
Aged Mares
FPD Mares
Most Colorful
Get of Sire
Produce of Dam

Nov. Yth. W. Showmanship (18 & U)
Walk/Trot Western Showmanship (10 & U)
Yth. Western Showmanship (13 & U)
Yth. Western Showmanship (14 & 18)
N/P Western Showmanship
NP 35 & Over Western Showmanship
Youth English Showmanship (13 & U)
Youth English Showmanship (14 to 18)

Hunter in Hand - Mares
Hunter in Hand - Geldings
Hunter in Hand - Stallions

Lead Line Equitation (6 & U)
Youth Bareback Equitation (18 & U)
N/P Bareback Equitation
Walk/Trot Figure 8 Stakes (10 & U)
Youth Figure 8 Stakes (13 & U)
Youth Figure 8 Stakes (14 to 18)
N/P Figure 8 Stakes
Open Figure 8 Stakes
Walk/Trot Nez Perce Stake Race (10 & U)
Youth Nez Perce Stake Race (13 & U)
Youth Nez Perce Stake Race (14 to 18)
N/P Nez Perce Stake Race
Open Nez Perce Stake Race

Youth Trail (18 & U)
Walk/Trot Trail (10 & U)
N/P Trail
Junior Trail
Senior Trail

Novice N/P Pleasure Driving
N/P Pleasure Driving
Pleasure Driving

Walk/Trot Camas Prairie Stumps (10 & U)
Youth Camas Prairie Stumps (13 & U)
Youth Camas Prairie Stumps (14 to 18)
N/P Camas Prairie Stumps
Camas Prairie Stumps
Walk/Trot Key Hole (10 & U)
Youth Key Hole (13 & U)
Youth Key Hole (14 to 18)
N/P Key Hole
Key Hole
Rope Race
Youth Heritage (18 & U)
Senior Western Pleasure
3 Year Old Snaffle Bit Western Pleasure
Youth Western Pleasure (18 & U)
Junior Western Pleasure
Novice Youth Western Pleasure (18 & U)

Walk/Trot Western Pleasure (10 & U)
N/P Western Pleasure
2 Year Old Snaffle Bit Western Pleasure
Walk/Trot Western Equitation (10 & U)
Nov. Youth Western Equitation (18 & U)
Youth Western Equitation (13 & U)
Youth Western Equitation (14 to 18)
N/P Western Equitation
Yth. Western Riding (18 & U)
N/P Western Riding
Junior Western Riding
Senior Western Riding
Youth Reining (18 & U)
S/B - Hackamore Reining
Junior Reining
Senior Reining
N/P Reining


Youth Hunter Hack (18 & U)
N/P Hunter Hack
Junior Hunter Hack
Senior Hunter Hack
Pre-Green Hunter - 2'6" to 2'9"
Youth Working Hunter - 2'6" (18 & U)
N/P Working Hunter - 2'6"
Yth.H. S. Eq. Over Fences -2'6" (18 & U)
N/P Hunt Seat Equitation Over Fences
Green Hunter - 2'9" to 3'
Working Hunter - 3'3" to 3'6"
Preliminary Jumping
Open Jumping
Youth Jumping (18 & U)
N/P Jumping
Ladies' Side Saddle
Nov. Yth. Hunt Seat Equitation (18 & U)
Youth Hunt Seat Equitation (18 & U)
W/T Hunt Seat Equitation (10 & U)
N/P Hunt Seat Equitation
35 & over N/P Hunt Seat Equitation Senior Hunter Under Saddle
3 Year Old S/B Hunter Under Saddle
Youth Hunter Under Saddle (18 & U)
Nov. Yth. Hunter Under Saddle (18 & U)
W/T Hunter Under Saddle (10 & U)
Junior Hunter Under Saddle
N/P Hunter Under Saddle
2 Year Old S/B Hunter Under Saddle
Youth Saddle Seat Pleasure (18 & U)
Youth Saddle Seat Equitation (18 & U)
N/P Saddle Seat Equitation
N/P Saddle Seat Pleasure
Junior Saddle Seat Pleasure
Senior Saddle Seat Pleasure

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