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  April 3  

Shows held at: Prosperity Farm 64 South Stringtown Road ~ Wright City,

  April 24    
  May 15    
  June 5 -Rained out      
  June 19   Shows start promptly at 10:00 a.m. 636.745.2064  
    June 26(makeup)    
    July 24(makeup)    
    Aug.14 (makeup for June 5)      
    Sept. 11      
    Oct. 2 Oct. 9 (makeup)      


  1) Mare Halter  

14) Lead Line – English or Western (F)

  2) Gelding Halter      
  3) Jr. Horse Halter (E)   WESTERN WALK TROT  

15) 13 & Under Western Walk Trot (C)


16) Novice Western Walk Trot (B)


4) Novice Showmanship (B)


17) Youth Western Walk Trot (A)


5) Youth Showmanship (A)


18) Jr. Horse Open Western Walk Trot (D)

  6) Open Showmanship   19) Sr. Horse Open Western Walk Trot  

---------10 Minute Break--------


20) Jr. Horse Western Pleasure (D)


21) Novice Western Pleasure (B)


7) Novice English Walk Trot (B)


22) Youth Western Pleasure (A)


8) Youth English Walk Trot (A)


23) Open Western Pleasure


9) Open English Walk Trot


24) Youth Disciplined Rail (A)


10) Novice English Pleasure (B)


25) Open Disciplined Rail


11) Youth English Pleasure (A)


12) Open English Pleasure


26) Novice Walk Trot Horsemanship (B)

  ENGLISH EQUITATION   27) Youth Horsemanship (A)  
  13) Open English Equitation   28) Open Horsemanship  

----------20 Minute Break----------


29) Youth Trail (A)


30) Open Trail

(A) Youth - Riders age 15 & under (age as of January 1st, of current year)
  (B) Novice – Rider of any age whose riding experience is limited to less than two years riding experience (including casual, trail, lessons & showing). Novice showmanship is for rider of any age whose showmanship experience is limited to less than two years.  

Show Fees:

**** $5 Entry fee per class or $35 Entry fee for all day, per horse & rider           ****$2 Gate admission fee per person         ****$10 Stall rental fee per day

  (C) 13 & Under – Riders in these classes may not cross-enter into other pleasure classes  
Negative Coggins test required at gate



(D) Junior Horse Western Pleasure – Horse must be 5 years or under years

  To qualify for year-end awards (including high-point buckles, trophies, gift certificates, cash awards, etc.), MRSC members must attend 5 of the 7 shows  
   (E) Junior Horse Halter – Horse must be 2or under    
  (F) Lead Line – Riders age 6 & under    



Purina Mills, Inc.



  1) No loud or disruptive coaching is allowed to a contestant/rider competing in a class. Loud or excessive coaching can lead to disqualification of the contestant/rider.  
  2) All rules are in the MRSC bylaws and will be strictly enforced to ensure fairness to all.  
  3) All halter classes will close 5 minutes prior to the beginning of the show. All other classes will close 2 minutes prior to the beginning of the class.  
  4) To be eligible for points toward year-end awards, the exhibitor must be a MRSC member and each horse must have required sponsorships by the members’ first show.  
  5) Papers on Junior horses may be required.  
  6) Proper attire required for each class—English and Western. MRSC strongly recommends the use of protective gear.  
  7) Two-handing in Western classes with a shank bit is an automatic disqualification. However, two-handing is allowed with a snaffle bit on a junior horse, ages 2 to 5 years old.  
  8) MRSC has the right to disqualify any exhibitor or horse.  
  9) If at any time a handler or rider cannot control their horse, they should remove themselves from the competition or the MRSC will ask them to leave the arena and/or showing area.  
  10) Exhibitors and/or owner may be ejected for poor sportsmanship.  
  11) All exhibitors must sign a release of liability form. For those under the age of 18, the form must be signed by a parent /guardian. The parent/ guardian must be present on the show grounds during the entire show.  
  12) Lead line riders in class number 15 may not enter other pleasure classes.  
  13) An equine professional will not be responsible for any accidents or injuries to any exhibitors or horse.  
  14) Negative Coggins test required. No refunds.  
  15) First through sixth place awards given to all classes.  
  16) Protests must be made in writing the day of the show and must be accompanied by a $25 fee. The fee will only be refunded if the show committee approves the protest.  
  17) No smoking allowed in barn areas on property at Prosperity Farms.  
  18) No dogs or alcohol allowed on property at Prosperity Farms.  

Be Safe and Have Fun!


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