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1 ABRA Amateur Stallions  

~~ LUNCH ~~

2 ABRA Halter Stallions  

Open Lead Line (8 Yrs. & Under)

a. Weanling 25 ABRA Amateur Trail
b. Yearling 26 ABRA Youth Trail
c. 2 Years Old 27 ABRA Trail
d. 3 Years Old 28 ABRA Amateur Working Ranch Horse
e. 4 Years & Over 29 ABRA Working Ranch Horse
3 ABRA Amateur Halter Geldings 30 ABRA Amateur Western Pleasure
4 ABRA Youth Geldings 31 ABRA Youth Western Pleasure
5 ABRA Halter Geldings 32 ABRA Junior Horse Western Pleasure
a. Weanling 33 ABRA Senior Horse Western Pleasure
b. Yearling 34 ABRA Amateur Horsemanship
c. 2 Years Old 35 ABRA Youth Horsemanship
d. 3 Years Old 36 ABRA Amateur Western Riding
e. 4 Years & Over 37 ABRA Western Riding
6 ABRA Amateur Halter Mares 38 ABRA Amateur Reining
7 ABRA Youth Halter Mares 39 ABRA Youth Reining
8 ABRA Halter Mares 40 ABRA Reining
a. Weanling 41 ABRA Amateur Barrels
b. Yearling 42 ABRA Youth Barrels
c. 2 Years Old 43 ABRA Barrels
d. 3 Years Old 44 ABRA Amateur Poles
e. 4 Years & Over 45 ABRA Youth Poles


Broodmare 46 ABRA Poles
9 ABRA Dun Factor 47 ABRA Amateur Stake Race
10 ABRA Amateur Showmanship 48 ABRA YouthStake Race
11 ABRA Youth Showmanship 49 ABRA Stake Race
12 ABRA Yearling Lungeline 50 ABRA Amateur Keyhole Race
13 ABRA 2 yr old Lungeline 51 ABRA Youth Keyhole Race
14 ABRA Youth Bareback Equitation 52 ABRA Keyhole Race
15 ABRA Amateur English Pleasure


16 ABRA Youth English Pleasure 53 ABRA Amateur Working Cowhorse
17 ABRA English Pleasure 54 ABRA Youth Working Cowhorse
18 ABRA Amateur English Equitation 55 ABRA Working Cowhorse
19 ABRA Youth English Equitation 56 ABRA Amateur Steer Daubing
20 ABRA Youth Hunter Hack 57 ABRA Youth Steer Daubing
21 ABRA Hunter Hack 58 ABRA Steer Daubing
22 ABRA Amateur Hunter Hack 59 ABRA Amateur BreakawayCalf Roping
23 ABRA Working Hunter (3ft fences) 60 ABRA Youth Breakaway Calf Roping
24 ABRA Jumping 61 ABRA Breakaway Calf Roping
~~ Health Certificate required on all out of state horses ~~

Entry Fees

  ABRA Classes:  $5 per judge or $60 all day  
  ABRA Amateur Classes:  $5 per judge or $60 all day  
  ABRA Youth Classes: $2.50 per judge or $25 all day  
  Pay $60 and show in Open and Amateur OR Youth ALL DAY  
  Cattle Classes will pay an additional $5 per run Cattle Charge  
  ABRA Classes must pay $2 clerical fee per show  
  You MUST show your ABRA Registration Papers and ABRA Membership Card when making entries.  Mules must be registered with ABRA.  To be eligible for MBHA Year End Awards you must be a member of MBHA and ABRA and show in at least 50% of the shows.  
  The St. Clair Saddle club and Missouri Buckskin Horse Assoc. will not be responsible for any accidents or injuries to any horse or rider.  
  The St. Clair Saddle Club is located on Hwy 30 six miles north of the Hwy 30/Hwy 47 junction in St. Clair MO.  
  For more information call:  
  Arletta Pappan 573-678-2552  
  Kathy Bates 636-629-0301  
  Vivian Dillow 636-274-2090  

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